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Customized Lab Opal Engagement Ring

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

We just completed a customized lab opal engagement ring for a customer in California. The lab opal Betsey chose for her ring looks amazing! She decided to go with a mix of deep blue-green lab opal in the top and bottom inlay sections with a bright red piece of lab opal sandwiched in between. The lab opal colors look great together and have some incredible flashes of color and fire. We took special care when cutting the lab opal to use only areas of the opal with random firing colors to make the opal appear as much like natural opal as possible. What do you think? Could it pass for good Australian opal?

The center gemstone is a sparkling white Forever Brilliant Moissanite weighing in at just under a carat. Moissanite is a great choice as a diamond alternative. It's almost as hard as a diamond with diamond being a 10 on the Moh's scale of hardness and Moissanite being a 9.5. Moissanite is very affordable and actually has more scintillation (fire) than a diamond. The Moissanite we use is created by Charles and Colvard and comes with a lifetime guarantee on the stone. To make the setting more secure and durable, Betsey chose to upgrade to Continuum sterling silver. Continuum silver is a fairly new sterling silver alloy that is more durable than standard sterling silver and is highly tarnish resistant. We recommend Continuum silver to our customers for all wedding and engagement rings or daily wear rings and jewelry.

The combination of the fire of the lab opal inlay and the sparkle of the Moissanite make Betsey's new lab opal engagement ring quite impressive. Check out the video of the her ring below and I think you will agree.

Browse our women's lab opal rings to see more examples of the beauty of laboratory grown opal. As you will see, it comes in a variety of colors and patterns that range from blues and greens to outrageous reds and purples. Contact us to discuss how you can customize your own wedding ring or engagement ring with your favorite opal colors.

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