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The Perfect Man's Lab Opal Wedding Band

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

Blue Lab Opal Wedding Band in Sterling Silver

Here is a nice addition to our men's lab opal ring collection. This ring would be a great choice for a man's wedding band. At just over 6mm wide, it's the perfect width to feel substantial but not uncomfortably wide or bulky. The inlay channel is wide enough to give the lab opal room to show off its remarkable flashes of color without being overly showy. We do have some wide opal bands if you are bold enough to wear more color! The lab created opal has a deep blue base color with flashes of greens and bright blues. The inlay channel goes about halfway around the ring, giving the appearance the ring is inlaid all the way around. We have chosen to place thin silver dividers between the opal sections but we can make the ring for you without the dividers if you prefer that the opals look like they are one continuous piece. The ring is shown in sterling silver but would also look great in 316L stainless steel, white or yellow gold and platinum. These metals are upgrades so we will need your ring size to give you an accurate price quote for optional metals. We also offer a tarnish resistant sterling silver option (Continuum Silver) for $25 if you are looking for an affordable option to increase the durability of the silver and fight tarnishing.

Our lab opal rings are easily customized so if you would like a different color lab

created opal or metal than what is shown, just let us know. All of our rings are handcrafted in our jewelry studio in Phoenix, Arizona. We focus on quality over quantity and our customer service is second to none. You can find more information about this great new man's lab opal ring in the men's ring section of our site or you are welcome to give us a call with questions or to order at (623) 518-6588.

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