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Lab Opal Color Options

Here are photos of some of our lab created opal color options and examples of the opal inlaid and polished so you can see the finished look in a ring or pendant.  You will see opal color options ranging from blues and greens to more outrageous reds and purples.  We even have some lab created opals that mimic the fire and color of some of Australia's best black opals.  Some of the opal is cut from the top rather than from the side as shown in the photo of the opal rough.  We do our best to vary the cutting angles and selectively use the best sections of the opal to maximize the fire and beauty of the opal while minimizing the uniformity of the pattern.  Skilled cutting makes the lab opal look more like natural opal.  You can see from the examples that the look of the opal can vary slightly from slice to slice of the opal and the orientation of the inlay also makes a difference in what color is more dominate.  The best way to capture the play of colors in the opal is with video so check out our ring videos to see the opal colors in action.  MORE OPAL COLORS AND EXAMPLES ARE COMING AS WE BUILD OUT THIS PAGE!

Blue green lab created opal rough sample

PB-36 lab opal has a medium blue base color with flashes of lighter green.

Examples of Lab Opal PB-36

Lab Opal Ring with Blue Sapphires Set in
Lab opal ring in 14k yellow gold by Hile
Blue-green lab created opal rough

OB-14 lab opal has a deep blue base color with flashes of intense green and tends to have a little more of a stripe pattern.

Examples of Lab Opal OB-14

Lab opal and dinosaur bone ring
Lab opal and black diamond ring
Lab created opal ring with moissanite an
example of black lab created opal rough.

BO2-32 lab opal is a black laboratory grown opal created to mimic the best black Australian opals.  It fires and flashes bright colors from all angles.

Examples of Lab Opal BO2-32

Multi-color black lab opal inlay ring in
Soft blue lab created opal rough ready to be cut and inlaid in a lab opal ring.

LB-63 lab opal has a lighter blue base color with a more subtle green-blue flashes.  We are able to cut some fairly random patterns from this opal.

Examples of Lab Opal LB-63

Men's lab opal ring in sterling silver
Blue-green laboratory grown opal rough e

P-13 lab opal has a deep blue base color with very intense green flashes.  Probably one of our most popular color choices for our lab opal rings.

Examples of Lab Opal P-13

Lab created opal ring with dinosaur bone
Lab Created Opal Ring with White Sapphir
Purple lab created opal rough example re

RP-76 lab opal has a purple base color with intense flashes of yellows and reds.  Similar to RL-39 but with deeper purple.

Examples of Lab Opal RP-76

Lab Opal Pendant with Chrysoprase inlaid
Green Olive rough lab created opal

GO-21 lab opal has a green base color with intense flashes of yellow and orange.  Very lively and would look great with green or orange gemstones.

Examples of Lab Opal GO-21

Lab Opal Pendant with Chrysoprase inlaid
Deep blue lab created opal rough.jpg

SB-50 lab opal has a vibrant blue base color with flashes of lighter blue and blue-green.  It's predominantly blue and would look great with lapis accents.

Examples of Lab Opal SB-50

Royal lavender lab created opal rough sa

RL-39 lab opal has a purple base color with flashes of strong red and orange  as well as hints of blue and green.  It's super intense and looks good with Amethyst!

Examples of Lab Opal RL-39

Lab Opal Engagement Ring with Amethyst i
Multi-Color Lab Opal Ring
Lab created opal rough with bright multi

RBG-77 lab opal has broad flashes of orange, green and gold with a little dark blue showing through.  Very unique looking opal.

Examples of Lab Opal RBG-77

Topaz and Lab Opal RIng
Orange topaz and lab opal ring in sterli
Lab created opal rough sample ready to make lab opal rings!

SB-29 lab opal has deep blue base color with intense reds and hints of orange, purple and green coming through.

Examples of Lab Opal SB-29

CS007 white topaz and lab opal 2- croppe
Lab created opal ring with color change
Black lab opal rough

BO-19 black lab opal has dark blue base color with intense emerald green fire.  This opal would look good with emerald or blue sapphire.

Examples of Lab Opal BO-19

Lab Created Opal Wedding Ring Set in Ste
Lab Opal RIng for Men
Black lab opal with red fire.jpg

BO3-33 black lab opal has dark blue-gray base color with intense red flashes with some hints of green and gold.

Examples of Lab Opal BO3-33

Red lab opal ring in sterling silver for

BC-15 lab opal has dark base color with intense red and gold flashes. Some medium and light blue shows through as well as some orange.

Examples of Lab Opal BC-13

Lab created opal rough multi-color

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