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Australian opal ring in need of repair
Opal ring repaired with lab opal

Lab Opal Ring Repair

For some people, their lab created opal ring is their favorite piece of jewelry and they never want to take it off.  Why have it if you can't wear it! Right?!! Eventually, your beloved ring will become worn or the lab opal will become damaged and it will need to be replaced.  We can help! We are lab opal ring repair experts and can replace your cracked, broken or missing lab opal.  We not only repair lab created opal rings, but also other lab opal jewelry such as pendants, earrings and bracelets.  We stock lab opal rough in a variety of colors and can most likely match the opal in your jewelry.  We only work on inlay rings and jewelry.  We don't work on opal cabochons or doublets or triplets.  

How Much Will the Lab Opal Repairs Cost?

Sometimes it is possible for us to give you an estimate for the lab opal repair if you are able to send us a clear photo showing the damage.  However, the estimate could change once we have the ring and can examine it under the microscope or loupe.  If you decide the repair cost is too expensive, we will ship it back to you at no charge.  EMAIL US A PHOTO!  SHIPPING INSTRUCTIONS


One of the most important factors for opal inlay repair, or any inlay repair, is channel depth.  If your ring does not have sufficient channel depth, we may not be able to install a new piece of opal without it falling out.  The channel needs to be deep enough to securely hold the new piece of lab opal and have enough surface for the epoxy to bond with it or there is a high probability of it falling out sooner than later.  If there is not enough depth we will advise you not to proceed.   The cost of the repair will vary based on the size of the piece of lab opal, the complexity of the inlay shape and the number of pieces to be replaced.  Inlay work is a very time intensive and tedious process to get a perfect fit so in most cases the labor cost may exceed the cost of the opal.  It is also possible for the repair cost to exceed the original cost of the opal ring.  Many lab opal rings are made in China to take advantage of the cheap labor and to make the rings more affordable. Unfortunately, the majority of these manufacturers or resellers do not offer repairs on their work.  Some customers choose to proceed with repairs even if the repair costs exceed the purchase price because the ring has a high sentimental value.

Do You Warranty Your Work?

We can't guarantee our lab opal repair work for a set period of time because we can't control how the customer wears the ring.  We do guarantee that the newly replaced piece of opal is free of defects such as cracks or chips and will not fall out of your jewelry without a major impact.  It is possible you could drop your newly repaired ring in the garbage disposal the day you received it back or go rock climbing and forget to take it off and crush the opal.  We strive for perfection on every repair and hope that our 44 years of inlay experience and expert craftsmanship shows in the finished product.

How Long Will it Take?

Most repairs are completed within 2 to 3 weeks of the customer's approval of the repair estimate and payment.  Our workload varies from week to week and we typically are the busiest during the summer wedding season and just before the holidays.  If you have an event you need your jewelry returned by, let us know the date and we will do our best to have to repaired and back to you in time. 

How Do I Pay?

Once we have received your approval on the estimated repair amount, we will send you an invoice through PayPal to your email address.  You are welcome to pay the invoice online through PayPal with your credit card or bank account. You are also welcome to call us and make the payment over the phone if that is more convenient.  (623) 518-6588

Visit our Lab Opal Ring Care page for information about how to care for your lab opal ring.

Australian opal ring repair


Australian opal ring in need of total opal replacement.

Lab created opal ring repair


Customer chose to replace the Australian opal with similar looking lab created opal.  More affordable and looks amazing!

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