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Lab Opal Pendants

Our handcrafted lab opal pendants are available in a variety of styles and opal colors for both women and men.  Our lab opal pendants are available in several metal options including sterling silver, Continuum sterling silver (tarnish resistant), 316L stainless steel, gold and platinum.  The prices shown are for standard sterling silver- all other metal choices are upgrades.  Our lab opal pendants can be inlaid with any of the lab opal colors you see on our website.  If you have purchased one of our lab opal rings we would be happy to create a lab opal pendant to match.  You can also customize your lab opal pendant by adding other inlay materials such as turquoise, dinosaur bone, sugilite or black onyx.  Some customizations will be upgrades so please contact us with your ideas and we will give you a price quote on your new lab opal pendant.  You are welcome to order by phone at (623) 518-6588.




We are in the process of adding new lab opal pendants to our website.  Please check back for new items!

Lab Opal Pendant with Green Chrysoprase in Sterling Silver


Stunning lab opal pendant with green chrysoprase inlaid in sterling silver.  The multicolor lab opal looks great with the green chrysoprase.  If you love green, this lab opal pendant is for you!  The lab opal is mostly green with flashes of orange, yellow and a little blue. This unisex pendant measures 24mm long (just under 1") and is 9mm wide at the bottom.  This opal pendant can be inlaid with other colors of lab opal or other stones by special order. Special orders will take 4 to 6 weeks to complete.

Lab created opal has the same chemical composition as natural opal with the exception of water content. Natural opal contains a small amount of water and lab opal has no water content. Instead, the water is replaced with a resin that makes the lab opal more durable and resistant to cracking. 


Contact us for a price quote in metal upgrades such as Continuum silver, gold, stainless steel and platinum.

Style #P400LabOpalChrys

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