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Updated: Feb 5, 2019

Lab created opal ring featuring lab opal inlay in 2 different colors.

Check out our latest men's ring design featuring lab created opal inlaid in sterling silver! This stunner is sure to grab the attention of everyone who sees it. The ring is 10 millimeters wide at the top so it's width is a great canvass to show off all the amazing colors of the lab opal. The inlay pattern alternates two different colors of lab created opal. The end pieces and the ones adjacent to the center are a more subtle blue with flashes of green. The other three pieces (center) have a more intense pattern of bright greens with a dark blue body color. This lab opal ring is even more impressive in person when you can move the ring in the light and make the opal's colors dance. Several customers have commented that the opal's pattern and arrangement make the ring look like waterfalls in the rain forest. No matter what imagery you see in the ring, you can't help but notice the amazing fire and color changes of this lab opal ring.

Men's lab opal ring in sterling silver by Hileman

This opal beauty can be made to order in your ring size in 4 to 6 weeks. It would make a great wedding band for a man looking for a unique symbol of his love and commitment. Lab created opal is more durable than natural opal and can be worn as a wedding ring with a little special care and common sense. If you are in the market for a special ring that sets you apart from the crowd, you should consider one of our men's lab opal rings. We have quite a few opal colors and patterns to choose from and many ring designs that can be inlaid with any of the lab opal colors you see on our website. Shop our rings and see the difference expert opal cutting can make!

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Updated: Feb 5, 2019

Lab created opal jewelry could be the perfect combination of beauty and budget if you can find a jeweler that takes the time to build a quality piece of jewelry. Much of the lab created opal rings and jewelry you see on the internet or at craft shows is cheaply made and mass-produced in China. You will notice the lab opal in lower quality jewelry all looks very uniform and usually is cut so it flashes tiny pin fires of blues and greens or sometimes pinks and purples. This uniformity is what makes it obvious to an educated buyer that the stone is laboratory grown or "lab opal". Natural Australian opals have a more random color pattern and fire that is difficult to mimic with man-made opal unless you take the time to cut the opal at different angles and waste a lot of material to get to the more random firing areas of the stone. This increases the material cost and labor time so most jewelry manufactures are not willing to go to these lengths to make sure the opal in your piece of jewelry looks more natural.

Several years ago Mark and I began experimenting with lab created opals. We applied our 30 years of experience cutting Australian opals and soon discovered that with some strategic cutting techniques, we could create laboratory grown opal jewelry that rivaled the colors and fire of our exquisite Australian opal jewelry designs. We began producing top quality lab created jewelry, including lab opal rings for both men and women and developed a lab opal jewelry website to showcase our work. A quick scan of the website immediately tells you our lab opal jewelry is different. You will notice the nice heavy weight mountings and the masterfully inlaid lab opal in colors you don't typically see in mass-produced lab opal jewelry and rings. We are a hands on father and son team who are involved in every step of the process from initial design to shipping the finished product. We have managed to survive and thrive in the jewelry business since 1974 by providing our customers with quality limited production jewelry and outstanding customer service that doesn't stop at the completion of the sale.

If you are interested in an affordable alternative to Australian opal or would just like to learn a little more about laboratory created opal, head over to and see what the Hileman team has to offer. We also offer customization if you would like to personalize your design by choosing your opal color or accent gemstones.

You have to see the difference that expert cutting can make in the fire and overall look of lab created opal jewelry. Visit and browse through the lab opal jewelry photos and better yet, watch some of the lab opal jewelry videos so you can see the fire and movement of the colors as the jewelry rotates.

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  • Writer's pictureJohn Hileman

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

We just completed a customized lab opal engagement ring for a customer in California. The lab opal Betsey chose for her ring looks amazing! She decided to go with a mix of deep blue-green lab opal in the top and bottom inlay sections with a bright red piece of lab opal sandwiched in between. The lab opal colors look great together and have some incredible flashes of color and fire. We took special care when cutting the lab opal to use only areas of the opal with random firing colors to make the opal appear as much like natural opal as possible. What do you think? Could it pass for good Australian opal?

The center gemstone is a sparkling white Forever Brilliant Moissanite weighing in at just under a carat. Moissanite is a great choice as a diamond alternative. It's almost as hard as a diamond with diamond being a 10 on the Moh's scale of hardness and Moissanite being a 9.5. Moissanite is very affordable and actually has more scintillation (fire) than a diamond. The Moissanite we use is created by Charles and Colvard and comes with a lifetime guarantee on the stone. To make the setting more secure and durable, Betsey chose to upgrade to Continuum sterling silver. Continuum silver is a fairly new sterling silver alloy that is more durable than standard sterling silver and is highly tarnish resistant. We recommend Continuum silver to our customers for all wedding and engagement rings or daily wear rings and jewelry.

The combination of the fire of the lab opal inlay and the sparkle of the Moissanite make Betsey's new lab opal engagement ring quite impressive. Check out the video of the her ring below and I think you will agree.

Browse our women's lab opal rings to see more examples of the beauty of laboratory grown opal. As you will see, it comes in a variety of colors and patterns that range from blues and greens to outrageous reds and purples. Contact us to discuss how you can customize your own wedding ring or engagement ring with your favorite opal colors.

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