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Yes, We Do Lab Opal Ring Repair!

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

Unfortunately, if you love your lab opal ring and wear it often, you are bound to bump it or scratch it on something hard enough to damage the lab created opal at some point. There is no need to stress about how or where to get your precious ring repaired. We are lab opal ring repair experts and can repair most lab created opal inlay rings, earrings, pendants and bracelets. We have over 45 years of inlay experience and many years of experience working with lab created opal. We specialize in inlay repair, so we won't be able to help you with any repairs on your opal cabochon rings or jewelry. We have many lab opal colors available and will most likely be able to match your opal ring's colors and pattern and return your ring to "like new" condition.

If you are reading this and your lab opal inlay ring already has some damaged opal and is in need of repair, stop wearing it. It is important to put the damaged ring away until your can ship it to us for repair. A cracked, chipped or missing piece of opal can allow water, lotions or chemicals to seep under the opal and cause the epoxy to become damaged and ruin the bond between the mounting and the stone. This could cause expensive repairs if the epoxy can't securely hold the inlay in place and all of the pieces need to replaced after falling out.

To get your lab opal ring repair started, just email us a clear photo of your ring and we will give you an estimate for the repairs. You can read more details about the repair process on our Lab Opal Ring Repair page.

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