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Lab opal ring with turquoise and blue topaz
Lab opal ring with turquoise and blue topaz
Lab opal ring with turquoise and blue topaz

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Lab opal ring with blue topaz
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Lab Opal Ring with Turquoise & Blue Topaz

Impressive lab created opal ring with turquoise inlay and a huge blue topaz set in sterling silver. This stunning topaz ring will mesmerize you with the flash and fire from the lab opal, firing blues and greens from every angle. The top and bottom pieces of lab opal inlay are separated by a single section of birdseye turquoise. The turquoise in this ring has a nice blue body color with a faint dark blue birdseye pattern and is from the Kingman Arizona mine. The center stone is a 10mm antique square cut topaz with a checkerboard top weighing a hefty 5 1/2 carats. The ring measures 11.5mm wide at the widest point on the top and tapers down to 4.5mm wide at the bottom. The ring in the photo is shown in a size 7 for scale. Your new ring will be made to order in your ring size in 4 to 6 weeks. This ring is a beautiful combination of blues but it can be made with many other stone colors if blue is not for you. It is also available in other metals such as Continuum silver, 14 karat gold or platinum. We will need your ring size for quotes in other metals.



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Style #CS015ssTopazLabOpalTurq

Availability:  Made to Order in 4 to 6 Weeks


We recommend that you upgrade to Continuum sterling silver for all engagement/wedding rings or heavy wear jewelry.  Continuum silver is much more durable than standard sterling silver and is tarnish resistant.

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