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Options and Upgrades

We offer several metal choices that are upgrades to the standard sterling silver shown on the listings.  Continuum sterling silver is an excellent choice if you are looking to add durability and tarnish resistance to your sterling silver.  Stainless steel offers great durability at an affordable price.  We offer 316L medical grade stainless steel that is hypo-allergenic and scratch resistant.  Some of our rings with faceted gemstones may not be available in stainless steel.  14k gold in both yellow and white is also an option as well as platinum.    We will need your ring size to give you an accurate price quote for gold or platinum upgrades.  You are welcome to call us with your questions or order by phone at (623) 518-6588.




Upgrade to Continuum Sterling Silver


Upgrade from standard sterling silver to tarnish resistant Continuum sterling silver.  Continuum silver offers increased durability, more secure stone setting and tarnish resistance at an affordable price.  This is not a coating applied to the ring that can be applied later.  Continuum silver is a totally new sterling silver alloy and must be ordered before your ring is cast in metal.  The price is per ring or item so if you are ordering more than one item you will need to purchase an upgrade for each item.

Upgrade to 316L Stainless Steel


We recommend upgrading to stainless steel if you are hard on your jewelry, don't want to deal with tarnishing sterling silver or have metal allergies or reactions.  Stainless steel is very durable and should have a longer wear life than standard sterling silver.  It is hypoallergenic for those that have nickel sensitivity and won't turn your finger green for those who have reactions to the copper in sterling silver.  Stainless steel will appear a little more gray than sterling silver.

Upgrade to 14k Gold or Platinum

Price Varies

We offer upgrades to 14k gold and platinum for all of our jewelry.  You can choose from platinum and 14k white or yellow gold.  Our ring designs vary in metal weight and finger size will make a difference in the cost as well so we will need to know which design your are interested in and your approximate ring size to give you a price for the gold or platinum upgrade.  The estimate will be subject to change should the price of gold or platinum move substantially higher or lower.  

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Questions? Call us at (623) 518-6588

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