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Lab opal engagement ring with moissanite


We offer lab created opal rings and lab opal jewelry in a variety of opal colors and designs.  Check out our top quality lab opal rings, wedding rings and pendants handcrafted in silver and gold. 

Welcome to Lab Opal Rings and Jewelry by Hileman Silver Jewelry.  We specialize in top quality lab opal rings handcrafted in sterling silver and gold.  All of our unique lab created opal ring designs are masterfully crafted by Mark and John Hileman in our Arizona jewelry studio.  We focus on producing quality handmade lab created opal rings with top notch materials and superb craftsmanship.  We offer lab opal rings for men and women including wedding rings, engagement rings, and wedding ring sets.  Our rings are available in a variety of opal colors ranging from more traditional blues and greens to outrageous reds and purples.  We even have some laboratory grown opal that mimics the incredible fire and colors found in natural black opal from Australia.  We also have a large selection of gemstones to accent your opal color choice if you are interested in adding a little more sparkle to your ring or jewelry.  All of our rings are made to order so you have the opportunity to choose your ring style, opal colors, accent stones and metal used.  It will take us 4 to 6 weeks to create your new lab opal ring or special order jewelry so please plan accordingly if you have a due date.  We offer lab opal ring repair as well, should you ever damage one of your stones.  Shop our jewelry now!

Lab Opal Engagement or Wedding Ring with lab created opal and blue topaz


Lab Opal Rings for Women

Our bold lab opal ring designs for women are available in a variety of opal colors in 14k gold and silver.

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Lab opal ring in 14k yellow gold by Hile


Lab Opal Rings for Men

We offer men's lab opal rings in colors ranging from blue to red and everything in between.  Unique wedding bands!

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Lab Created Opal Wedding Ring Set in Ste

Wedding sets

Wedding Ring Sets

Lab opal wedding ring sets in a variety of styles and widths in gold or silver, and with or without accent gemstones.

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About Us

John Hileman, jeweler
Mark Hileman, jeweler

We are a small family business with a focus on creating quality handmade lab created opal rings and jewelry at an affordable price.  Mark began making jewelry in 1974 and his son John joined him in 1989.  All of our lab opal jewelry is made by the father and son team of Mark and John Hileman in our Phoenix, Arizona jewelry studio.  Our focus is on creating quality lab opal rings and jewelry while providing first class customer service. 

Why Our Jewelry?

Lab opal wedding ring set with black diamonds
Lab opal pendant with chrysoprase in sterling silver
Lab opal engagement ring
  • Top Quality Craftsmanship

  • Only the Finest Gems and Materials

  • Creating Handcrafted Jewelry Since 1974

  • Unique, NOT Mass Produced!

  • Huge Selection of Lab Opal Colors & Accent Stones

  • Customizable Designs

  • Excellent Customer Service Before, During and After the Sale!

  • Made in the USA by the Hileman Family

What is Lab Opal?
Lab opal rough slab

Lab created opal (lab opal) mimics the incredible flashes of color seen in natural opal at a much more affordable price. Lab opal basically has the same chemical structure as natural opal with the exception that lab opal contains no water. This makes it more durable and less prone to crazing or cracking than its natural counterpart.  Manmade opal is grown in a laboratory under controlled conditions that accelerates the natural process.

New Lab Opal Ring Designs

Check out our most recent lab created opal ring designs!  We are always busy cutting new lab opal and creating new jewelry designs featuring lab opal colors ranging from blues and greens to multicolor lab opal displaying all the colors of the rainbow.  Keep in mind any of the lab created opal rings you see here on our website can be inlaid with any of the lab opal colors we have available. Check back often to see our latest ring and jewelry designs!  Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay updated on new designs, sales and promotions from Hileman Silver Jewelry.

Lab Opal and Black Onyx Ring M206
Lab Opal and Dinosaur Bone Ring in 14k G
Lab opal engagement ring with moissanite
Orange topaz and lab opal ring in sterli
Lab Opal Ring Videos

Check out our lab opal ring videos to get a true representation of the fire and flash of the colors in the lab opal.  Still photos just can't capture how lab opal comes to life on your finger when you are able to move the ring from side to side and watch the colors dance in the light.  We have quite a few videos of our lab opal rings shown on our site and more available on our YouTube channel.

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